Quiting tumblr- its been fun but I’m over it, bye.

Anonymous: Hello Chris... Well, uh... I don't know. I am so sorry for leaving two messages already, but I can't stop worrying about you. Are you okay, maybe something happened? It's because you're usually an active blog, and suddenly you stop posting and reblogging without saying anything at all. I am really sorry, but I worry a lot when it's about the people that I like very much! I am probably bothering you a lot, and that bothers me... but I hope you understand! Stay amazing, your friend anon.

Öxarárfoss, Iceland | by Ingólfur B

A New Beginning by Malcolm Lowery

Praia Dona Ana - Lagos - Portugal (von WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com))

{ sitting on the gravel, caressed by the breeze }

Ocean Crush // By: Oliver Shou
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Invasion (by D Breezy - davidthompsonphotography.com)

Twelve Apostles, Australia | James Thorn

Turkish Magic by John & Tina Reid | website

Someone snapchat me, or text me. :c Chrise95

Anonymous: Chris! You don't have to apologise :3 okay? It's alright! Everyone has bad days. You don't have to be sorry for having one, because it's not your fault. I understand your situation and I am the one who should say sorry for bothering you and I am also sorry that you are having a bad day. I just wanted to tell you that someone out there is worried, and really happy for knowing you (which is true! I always smile when I think of you. You're amazing!) I hope things get better soon.. Good night Chris!

Thank you <3